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Columbia River

Wild King Hot Smoked Salmon (Single)

Wild King Hot Smoked Salmon (Single)

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Artisanal Columbia River salmon smoked to perfection using the recipe & methods passed down by my father, Jack.  Columbia River King salmon is very tasty bc of its superb fat content for wild caught salmon.  Season is very limited for Columbia River King Salmon which is about August to September.  Get your taste of something truly incredible while the season is here!

What is Included? 

One Columbia River King Hot Smoked Salmon

How to Enjoy?

Pair Smokin' Jack's  Columbia River smoked salmon with Original Water Crackers or sliced cucumbers and our delicious dill sauce (purchased separately). 

How to Serve?

Serve cold right out of the refrigerator on a platter as an appetizer or alongside a salad as a meal. 

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