Hot Vs. Cold Smoked Salmon: What's the Difference?

Hot vs Cold Smoked Salmon: What's the Difference?

Smoked salmon is a versatile and beloved ingredient that can be enjoyed in everyday meals. While there are two types of smoked salmon, hot and cold, each with its unique flavor and texture, at Smokin' Jack's, we specialize in hot-smoked salmon.

Hot-smoked salmon is a fully cooked product that has been smoked through a high-temperature process, while cold-smoked salmon is cured by being dry-rubbed in salt and then smoked at a lower temperature. Because of its natural texture, fatty fish like salmon are perfect for hot-smoking, giving it a firm and flaky texture, and a more robust flavor than cold-smoked salmon.

Buy hot-smoked salmon if you are looking for the most versatile smoked salmon option. It can be eaten cold right away or reheated easily. Cold smoked salmon does not reheat as well because it has not been fully cooked in the first place.

At Smokin' Jack's, we take pride in our hot-smoked salmon, which has a unique texture and flavor, similar to that of Texas BBQ. Our salmon is perfect for a wide range of occasions, such as appetizers, meals, or hostess gifts, and can be paired with crackers, bread, or salads.

If you're looking to try something new, or you're hosting a party, hot-smoked salmon is definitely worth a try. It's a delicious, versatile, and healthy treat that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

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Hot-Smoked Salmon

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