Fequently Asked Questions

Do you ship?

Yes, we offer domestic shipping to the continental United States.

What is your delivery area?

Smokin' Jack's Salmon House offers home delivery to customers in our delivery zone.

For customers outside of this area, Smokin' Jack's offers local pick-up at near by Farmers Markets or over-night shipping depending on location through UPS.

When shipping the smoked salmon is packed in either a styrofoam cooler with ice packs inside of a cardboard box or insulated sleeves with ice pack/s.

If there is an unexpected delay or your order is damaged in transit, we are always willing to either replace or refund.

Where is your fish from?

We smoke both wild caught and farm raised salmon. All of our fish is sustainable & humanely sourced. Our farm raised salmon comes from the Chilean Patagonia and Faroe Islands. Our wild caught salmon is from Alaska & Oregon. Read Our Fish page more details.

Do you sell Wild Caught smoked salmon?

Yes, we do. Fresh wild salmon is seasonal. We sell wild caught King, Sockeye and Coho when available from May through September.

Does Smokin' Jack's Salmon House have a retail location?

Smokin' Jack's Salmon House has a local presence at area Markets, Bakeries & Gourmet Groceries in Dallas, Texas. Visit our Locations page for more details.

What is Hot-Smoked Salmon?

The distinction between cold smoked salmon and hot smoked salmon is based on how they are processed. Both types of salmon undergo a process of curing and smoking, but the way in which these processes are carried out sets them apart, and creates their unique flavors and textures. Cold smoked salmon is smoked at temperatures below 90°F, which gives the fish a texture that is almost raw in nature. On the other hand, hot smoked salmon is smoked at around 120°F, resulting in a delectably flaky consistency.